Dear Neighbors

Dear neighbors,

I know it’s cold out, but considering you live in an apartment complex frequented by some shady characters who’ve attempted kidnapping and car theft already, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to leave your car keys in the ignition if you’re not in the car yourself.  I’m sure it’s a simple pleasure to spend as much time possible basking in the glory of your heating systems inside, waiting for the interior of your car to match the temperature of your home, but put some gloves on and man up!  I just don’t get this temptation of fate as you make it too easy for someone to go all Grand Theft Auto on you.  Video games make kids criminals, you know.

As a gamer, maybe I should teach you a lesson… Just know that there is this undeniable pull towards hopping in the driver’s seat of your car and taking it far far away, to a parking space over there. I’m not a thief, just a girl that desires to be a practical joker with a criminal mastermind’s name.  Possibly a theme song as well. So next time this happens, don’t be surprised to come back outside and see that you have been victimized by… THE REA-RANGER!

Until next time,
The Rearanger

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