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Dear Ugly Criers

Dear Ugly Criers,

This past weekend a lot of you made pronouncements of your sobbing abhorredness on various social media platforms due to the death of a certain beloved character on a rather popular show, Game of Thrones.  Even with the knowledge of what was likely due to occur thanks to recently finishing book 5 in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, I too felt the tears burning a path down my cheeks as the credits rolled.  It didn’t help that I had already marathoned a few episodes of the series that night to catch up to the finale, so let’s just say that it had been a rough few hours.

Crying at a TV show, movie, book, or video game is nothing new for me, from playing through the final sequence of The Last of Us fighting to save Ellie (thank God they took the choice out of my hands when it came to what Joel does because I may have never recovered from that game had that burden been on my shoulders), to discovering the internal struggle of the narrator while reading Atonement, to dropping to a new depth of misery when Vincent lays down next to Jack in the series finale of Lost. Continue reading


Dear Blood Taking Person

Dear blood taking person,

My life can be broken down into two categories: the boring, normal day occurrences that actually happen, and what I wish I was daring enough to do.  Don’t get too excited, most of the stuff from the latter category involves comments or actions I think will be funny, and nothing adventurous like waterskiing on the noses of two sawfish.  Which is where you come in.

On the way to your office a friend of mine put it in my head that I should do something off-putting while you were busy taking my blood to both confuse and weird you out.  Now that I think about it, that’s probably not the best idea for when someone is jamming a needle into your vein, but we all don’t make the best decisions all the time. Continue reading